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International Angelman Day (IAD) is an annual event held on February 15th.
It is observed by over 50 charitable/support organisations based in over 40 countries around the world. These organisations are family-driven and all support people with Angelman Syndrome, their families, caregivers, and service providers. They initiate and promote research for AS and create educational resources. 
Together we all have a greater voice.


Recent scientific advances show that there are potential treatments for the cognitive, motor and epileptic aspects of Angelman Syndrome, as well as strides in better understanding symptom management, communication and educational strategies. International Angelman Day is a trigger to unite families and resources, to inspire collaborations within our networks, and to spread global awareness using the most current information. 


The purpose of this day is to:

  • Raise awareness worldwide of the condition

  • Mobilise people to action & encourage fundraising for the AS organisation in their country

  • Promote research and educational resources in the organisation’s own country.

  • Remember those people with Angelman Syndrome who are no longer with us.  


Inclusive, Ambitious, Professional, Respectful, Knowledgeable

IAD history

International Angelman Day is a global event - not an organisation.  It began in 2012 as an idea shared by two parents, and is now celebrated annually in over 40 countries.


International Angelman Day has become an annual opportunity for AS families and parent-organisations from all around the  world, to connect and come together as a unified voice; a voice for our loved ones who have Angelman syndrome...

who we are

The IAD Collective is an informal group of not-for-profit charitable organisations operating independently in different countries all around the world. While each organisation has different missions, they all support people with Angelman Syndrome and their families.  


Broadly speaking, the global AS community supports individuals and families internationally – through networking events, educational conferences, informative websites, advice on day-to-day management strategies, family peer-to-peer connections, and in the funding of research into treatments for Angelman Syndrome.

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