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AS Collaborations

Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA)

The Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA) is a partnership of small organizations from around the world that are focused on supporting people with Angelman Syndrome, their loved ones, carers and clinicians. By combining resources, knowledge and a relentless dedication to initiate change, the ASA is uniquely positioned to drive advances in scientific knowledge about Angelman Syndrome. 


Nina Foundation

Angelman Hong Kong

AFSA (France)

UK Angelman Association

ORSA (Italy)

Angelman Portugal

AS Ireland

Angelman Germany

Angelman Spain

AS Belgium

AS Netherlands

Angelman Verein Österreich

Angelman Israel

Angelman Japan

Argentina AS organization

Hungary organization

The Angelman Network (NZ)

Global Community
Advisory Board.

ASA and ASF Announce new joint initiative in forming a Community Advisory Board. - November 2020.

The International Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA) and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) are delighted to announce details of a newly formed joint initiative: the Global Community Advisory Board. They will work together to represent the Angelman community as a unified voice when engaging with pharmaceutical companies looking to enter research programmes.


Supported by Eurodis, the European organisation for Rare Disorders, the Angelman CAB will be a group of trained advocates who use their knowledge and expertise to discuss and advise on the latest developments, challenges and issues related to medical treatments and procedures under development in in Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Latin America Alliance/
Angelman LatinoAmerica/

Angelman Argentina, ASF and  announce the creation of the Angelman Latin America Alliance.


The Angelman Syndrome Foundation has generously offered to share resources in Spanish that will result in the availability of family courses and a full regional directory of trained professionals to support the care of those who have Angelman syndrome.



Argentina Asociación Civil

Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF)

CIAN Clínica Angelman Buenos Aires

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST)

FAST US - Parent Org


FAST Italy

FAST France

FAST Australia 

FAST Canada

FAST Spain


Global Angelman Registry

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