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Celebrating 10 years raising awareness for Angelman syndrome

IAD Thank You

2013 - 2023

The first International Angelman Day was celebrated on 15 Feb 2013.  Celebrations have grown each year all around the world, as the global Angelman community joins  together on this allocated date to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome.



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IAD 2023 - Collaborative webinar with The Angelman Network (Ursula Christel), FAST (Amelia Beatty) & ASF (Amanda Moore).

Featuring two 1/2 hr sessions to update you on the latest in AS Research and Communication:

  • Roadmap to a Cure 2.0 (FAST)  with Allyson Berent-Weisse and Nycole Copping 

  • AAC Q & A session (ASF) with Amanda Moore and Communication specialist, Tabi Jones-Wohleber

for organisations

International Angelman Day is a community driven event. A comprehensive list of AS organisations can be can be found here.  

National AS organisations around the world use Feb 15 to raise awareness in their country, and to raise much needed funds to help them achieve their objectives. 

for families& People with AS

The purpose of this day is to:

  • Raise awareness worldwide of the condition

  • Mobilise people to action & encourage fundraising for the AS organisation in your country

  • Promote research and educational resources in your country.

  • Remember those people with Angelman Syndrome who are no longer with us. 

See below for a range of ideas on how you and your loved one with AS can promote IAD -  online, as well as in your local community.  

light up blue! 

Is there a local landmark in your town or city that could be lit up in BLUE? Help us to raise global awareness for Angelman Syndrome by lighting up a local landmark in BLUE and getting media coverage to share the story.

So many amazing landmarks all around the world have been lit up in BLUE to commemorate this special day, and to demonstrate the global unity of our AS community.  

We all have the same focus - to improve the lives of those who have Angelman syndrome. So let's make the most of IAD 2023!!

Promo Material

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TAN IAD 2023_Insta Post .jpg
FACEBOOK POST (with person who has AS)
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The Global Angelman Community

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Educational Videos

Please share on social media

For IAD 2023, FAST France has kindly created and shared these educational animations explaining Angelman syndrome.

English Video

French Video

Spanish Video

If any organization wishes to translate this video into other languages, please contact

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