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IAD 2022

International Angelman Day (IAD) is celebrated all around the world on 15th February to raise global awareness for Angelman syndrome (AS).


In countries where there is no welfare system, or where disability is still largely discriminated against, IAD can be a vehicle to support ongoing advocacy projects for inclusion and social equity for people who have Angelman syndrome. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, to have access to ongoing education, and to enjoy a good and safe life. 


All AS organizations and families around the world are invited to get involved and do something to support the goals of IAD. By raising awareness together, we can make big changes in our local communities, our states, our countries, and around the world.  

Click below for pics, ideas and more resources, from the 2021 campaign:

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai lit up in blue for Angelman Day



The purpose of this day is to:

  • Raise awareness worldwide of the condition

  • Mobilise people to action & encourage fundraising for the AS organisation in their country

  • Promote research and educational resources in the organisation’s own country.

  • Remember those people with Angelman Syndrome who are no longer with us. 

Ideas & Tips
for AS Organisations

Does your country have an official AS organization? Please get in touch via our FB page if you want to add your org/group to this list or to update your details: 

Angelman Organizations.

AS organizations around the world can promote IAD by sharing information about AS in your own language, and through your own website and social media channels. (In some countries there may be more than one organization).

Click on link for ideas on IAD campaigns: 

Ideas for People who have Angelman syndrome

Children and adults who have Angelman syndrome, should have the same rights and opportunities as any other citizens in their country.


Because people with AS have severe speech impairments, communication support is necessary so that they can  express their needs and wants. 

Click on link for ideas on how someone with AS can celebrate IAD: 

Ideas for Families impacted by AS

Families and friends all around the world, are invited to celebrate IAD and promote the global Mission. This can be done in many different ways, depending on your country and culture. 


First check to see if your national AS organisation is running an IAD campaign - if so, please support it!  If not, you can help raise awareness in your own local community, or enjoy a get-together with other families in your region. 

Click on link for ideas on how families can contribute to IAD: 

Palazzo Loggia (Palazzo Pubblico), Brescia lit up in blue for Angelman Day

AS Organisations

can promote IAD by sharing information about Angelman syndrome - in your own language and on your own website and social media posts.


IAD is also a great time to promote AS research projects, light up significant buildings/locations in BLUE, and to run large-scale fundraisers for your national AS organization. 

IAD 2022 Poster with logos of Angelman organizations from around the world
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