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1/ Raise 

Social Media platforms can be used very effectively to raise general awareness about Angelman syndrome in your own networks.


This year we have samples of files that you can download and personalize for your own social media networks. Share these posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 


NB: Check with your own AS organization for any translated versions and PLEASE insert photos of your own child.

    2/ Mobilise Action, Encourage    Fundraising

AS Organisations and/or families around the world are encouraged to initiate awareness and fundraising campaigns in your own country.

Check with your own AS organisation if they have a fundraiser planned in your  country.

3/ Educate. Promote Research 

Consider what resources on Angelman syndrome are available in your country. Do these need to be updated?


What can your AS organisation do to encourage an interest in AS research in your country's medical schools and universities,?  

Encourage all families to do their part for research and  register on the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry 

4/ Remember Those who are no longer Here

People who have AS are brave and resilient, but can also succumb to the extra challenges they face due to this syndrome.


The Angelman syndrome global community is a very close and supportive community.  On IAD we commemorate those people with Angelman syndrome who are no longer with us.


 If families wish to have their family member's photo added to our In Memorium Page, please contact us. 

These files are Sample files only.
PLEASE insert a photo of your own child
FACEBOOK Cover banner
Instagram Post sample

FB Cover Photo

International Angelman Day Flyer_sample.


Facebook post sample

IAD2021 Flyer

Facebook post

Org Logo Poster for IAD 2021 in different languages

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